Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week 2 - MTC

Sorry its so late. we went to the temple today!

it was so fun. we got headphones but i liked to hear it in both languages. theres this thing called mtc care packages that you can send free letters anytime and they will print them out. i have a picture of the website, but if anyone wants me to answer questions then send it through there because this hour flys by.

Mexicans really love their fireworks, they may or may not be gunshots. we arent sure, but they are constant here. ive gotten used to them at night and can sleep great now. they also party until 2 am and then start again at 4 haha. Elder pappin and i are on our second set of investigators and we are really starting to figure out how to teach together. we are trusting in each other more and we know when each of us have run out of ideas and the other just picks up. elder pappin always knows how to refocus me if im in a mood or something. he just reminds me of why im here and i love him for it. i bought and awesome scripture case for 480 pesos, which is really cheap for how good it is. ill attach a picture of it. im almost halfway through the book of mormon since being here. i realized this is the first time im reading it on my own and im learning so much because im really paying attention to it. we have some weird elders as ¬neighbors¬ in our house. they are going to salt lake if that answers anything. but they are always playing lava, running around together in garments through the house, and doing laundry everyday. they also ring the doorbell like 15 times everytime them come in the house. one of them has a misquito net on his bed even though there is tops 10 misquitos at a time here. all around they give us a laugh when ever we see them. oh and all their garmets are the more see through ones. their room just leaks rotten peanut butter bo smell. its a fun time in our house. i grew really close with the other two elders in my room this week. before we would always be agruing about the stupidest stuff. but then we talked one on one with each other and found out what was annoying each other, and now we are like the best of friends. this week as a district we had the opourtunity to give 2 blessings to 2 of our hermanas who were really sick. the spirit was super strong and we saw progress almost instantly. the language learning is starting to slow down, but im working super hard to try to learn as much as i can before i leave.

love you all

Elder Williams

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Week 1 - MTC

What a Week!

Hey Y«all!

So the flight over I sat in between two latino women and it was so fun trying to communicate with them. It was a ton of spanglish. but i slept a lot on the plane. we got here and had a lot of meetings teaching us all the rules.

my companion is elder pappin. he's from draper. i already love him so much. he has an awesome personality and we get along really well. we are both soo excited to get back to the states.

the second day we met our district president and he interviewed all of us. then he called me as the District Leader!! i was so happy to accept and it was pretty rough at first because i had to lead all the meetings in spanish. but now im just having a ton of fun. we've been in non stop classes since we got here and i have felt like i have learned a ton of spanish. we have already taught an "investigator" 4 times and each time we take less and less notes. i can really see the gift of togues working as we teach. we've already committed her to baptism, which was yesterday. it was really cool because i was able to invite her with the baptismal invitation fully memorized. the language is fun but also a struggle. we have to memorize 300 words, 40 phrases, and 4 different invitations or important scriptures by next monday.

Anyways, im loving it here. but i also cant wait till im back in the states. because i feel like im not quite seving the lord yet. its beautiful inside the mtc. there is 90 acres and most of it is grass and fields to play sports in our gym time. it rains soo much here! i have to constantly have my umbrella with me. the food here is pretty good but i cant wait to eat american food again.
i know this is were im supposed to be.

 i love you all

Elder Williams