Thursday, July 19, 2018

Letter from President Stone

Elder Williams will soon complete his service as a full-time missionary in the Tennessee Nashville Mission.  He is scheduled to return home on 03 Aug 2018.  It has been a blessing for us to know him and to have been associated with him in this marvelous missionary work. He loves the Lord and has seen the gospel change the lives of many people. He has a strong testimony of the gospel and has had many rich spiritual experiences while serving here.

We understand how happy you will be to be reunited with Elder Williams. He has matured and grown in many important ways during his term of missionary service. We trust he will continue to be a blessing in your family and that the strength of your support will help him through the transitions he will face as he returns home. We encourage him to stay involved in member missionary service by assisting full-time missionaries throughout his life. We appreciate your letters of love and encouragement to him. We hope that you have been blessed as you have shared this mission with him.

During these final weeks of his mission, Elder Williams is completing the "My Plan" course, including creating his "My Plan" in his own words.  Elder Williams will return home with a copy of this document, which outlines commitments and goals for the coming weeks, months and years.  Please review this "My Plan" with him, and please encourage Elder Williams to regularly review his "My Plan" as a reminder of these commitments and goals.

Sister Stone and I have grown to love Elder Williams.  We are eternally grateful that the Lord assigned him to the Tennessee Nashville Mission.  We also appreciate the service you have rendered by supporting and sustaining your missionary.  May the Lord be with you and bless your family always.

With love,

Jared W. Stone
President, Tennessee Nashville Mission

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