Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Week 100 - Columbia Tennessee

Hola mi Familia!

This week has been super quick. We’ve spent most of our time knocking doors up in Franklin, because that area had been being neglected. So that’s been something to pass the time really well. Nothing goes by faster than teaching and knocking doors. We’ve also spent some time helping our recent converts get ready to move out. They head out for Mexico this weekend. It’s sad to see them go, because I wont be able to visit them as much there. But its for the best for them.

Besides that there hasn’t been much progress this week with any of our other investigators. We had to put a few on pause for awhile because they weren’t making it a priority. But i have hopes that a few will still want to get baptized here soon. Just a matter of getting in contact with them.

Love Y’all!

🇲🇽 Elder Williams 🇺🇸

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